Title: Application & Benefit.

Editorís Office is the solution for sophisticated information management in a wide range of applications:

Web site administration
Creating and maintaining of Web sites for various media and electronic devices.

Intranet solutions
Company-wide teamwork with centralized data management without proprietary client software.

Document management
Administrating structured content and data with maximum security and flexibility.

Shop systems
Personalized e-business for customers and suppliers through integration of optional shop components.

Individual solutions
Creating user-friendly customized solutions with perfected basic components.

Editorís Office offers you the advantages of competitive edge technology within the information community:
  • decentralized access to all company resources
  • group collaboration and virtual teamwork
  • data security through versioning and XML
  • multilingual publications and media-specific variants
  • various media and web accessibility according to WAI
  • open interfaces and content syndication
  • application without add-on software